Project Two Fish

The music of former W+Ker Laura Lee’s band Khruangbin has been described as everything from “a spellbinding twist on surf rock and soul” (The New Yorker) to “hypnotic” and (The Guardian). Fellow W+K CD Scott — and Khruangbin fan — was so taken by the band’s song “Two Fish and…

Let’s Be Frank

Swing by our offices on Hanbury Street over the next two weeks and you can experience our newest window display: The World’s Largest Scratch ‘n’ Sniff.* It’s oversized, smells delightfully porky, and ranks highly on a scale of “Instagrammability.” Come see, come smell. *As of yet unverified by Guinness Book…


“Today we lost a creative icon” – President Obama.

On April 21st 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota the world was given a prolific musical visionary that would go on to win seven Grammy’s and an Academy Award.

Following in the footsteps of his jazz singing mother and song writing father, Prince wrote his first song “Funk Machine” at the age of seven. The visionary artist we know today as Prince cut his teeth in high school playing clubs and parties in the Minneapolis area with his long time collaborator Andre Anderson and cousin Charles Smith. Their early work inspired by the pioneers of Funk, Jazz, and Rock laid the foundation for Prince’s non-confirmative style.

Prince released his first album “For You” in 1978, and became an international sensation in 1982 when he released his ground breaking album 1999. His legacy includes 67 albums (studio, live, compilation, and video), 136

Co-Founder Roy Spence inducted into Advertising Hall of Fame

Reverend Roy. He’s known for co-founding GSD&M in 1971 with partners Judy Trabulsi, Steve Gurasich and Tim McClure, but he’s perhaps best known for his electric and passionate personality. So, it was with joy and pride, yet little surprise, when we learned our fearless leader would be the first Austinite and second Texan to be inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s 67th Annual Advertising Hall of Fame. His accomplishments include bringing on renowned brands like Southwest Airlines, Walmart, AT&T and Charles Schwab to the GSD&M roster, authoring three books, co-founding The Purpose Institute to help companies find their core purpose and values, and even starting his own hot sauce line, Royito’s. But it is Roy’s heart, as President Bill Clinton noted at the induction ceremony, that’s led him to success in advertising, leadership and all aspects of life. We couldn’t be more proud of you, Reverend Roy. Ride At Dawn!