Two Lessons I Learned Immediately in SEO

If you know anything about SEO, you know how much Google affects pretty much everything. You know each update conveniently named after cute animals can bring huge change, and not necessarily good change. You know the basics of creating a website. You know the terminology, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URLS etc. you know how to do all the keyword research to the best of your ability. You finally implement your strategy and you hope the website climbs up the search results, and it does…just not at the speed you thought. Of course, your hard work did not go to waste. The results are there. New ranks are being reached…but the goal is page one, rank one…and you’re not there…Well, at least that’s my experience. If anyone else is in the same boat, let me share two simple ways to speed up your climb to rank one.


1) Using Analytics

Traffic is good, but conversions are better.

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