Hacking the Chinese New Year: Chinese Youth Innovate Traditions to Connect with Family on Their Own Terms

A Truth Central Perspective by Laura Liang & Bonnie Zhang, McCann Shanghai

Here we go again! Wonderful, heart-warming, festive… if not a bit demanding: the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday! It is a tradition, a responsibility and maybe also a bit of a burden, especially to some Chinese youth.

After all the passion and craving for great food in a lively atmosphere (and maybe for traditional red envelopes containing cash gifts) has faded, youth nowadays find themselves somewhat ambivalent when it comes to the Chinese New Year celebration.

Most Chinese youth have a bitter-sweet relationship with their parents, in large part because Chinese parents are arguably the most anxious in the world: our Truth About Global Brands research revealed that 78% of people in China believe that everyone wants their children to be more successful than they are themselves. Youth are under tremendous pressure not only while growing up,

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