Sunrun Creative Media Award

Facing a growing competitive landscape, including Elon Musk’s Solar City, and an expiring tax incentive, Sunrun needed to emerge in 2015 as a leader of the solar industry.

Drafting off the creative strategy of “solar for the rest of us,” media needed to drive broad awareness and consideration of Sunrun as the company who is making solar accessible. But, we also needed to be efficient, reaching homeowners in serviceable areas at times when their high (and frustrating) electric bills were top of mind.

After evaluating our target’s media habits in our twelve markets, we leveraged a mix of TV, Radio, OOH and Digital during the months when electric bills were highest in each market.

In Broadcast:

Addressable television allowed us to target Sunrun serviceable zip codes and layer on age, homeownership, FICO scores and HHI to reach the most qualified audience Premium inventory (e.g. sports) and contextual sponsorships (e.g. HGTV)

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