Sorel: Native and Integrated Partnerships


In recent years, SOREL has moved from being a winter boot brand to being a fashion boot brand.  To grow their share in this category, SOREL needed to win over the young, fashion-forward young female and in particular, the college set.

Between her busy schedule and multi-tasking across several screens and platforms, not to mention her high expectations of brands, we had quite the challenge.  And our budget was a one-tenth that of our competitors – yikes!

We strapped on our SORELs and went back to campus, researching who influences her, where she goes for styling inspiration, how she shops/engages with brands and what determines her styling needs (date night, on-campus, etc).  This research unsurprisingly showed online and social are the biggest influencers on her choices, but it also gave us the names she most turns to for inspiration, like Rachel Zoe.


Armed with this knowing we partnered

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