Greyhound Campus Insider


As a 100+ year old brand, Greyhound has stood as the leader of bus travel for a century. However, it is also a brand that has started to suffer from low consideration amongst Millennials, and as with many travel brands, it has seen its share of negative travel comments by those seeking to vent online.


We sought to re-energize the Greyhound brand and improve social media conversations by activating College Students through and alignment with one of their strongest passions: college football. We developed a partnership with and 120 Sports to develop a customized program specifically for Greyhound, through a web-series called “Greyhound Tailgate Traditions.” The series showed college students the road traveled by the most hardcore fans to support their favorite college teams. To make this a 360 program, Greyhound not only pushed the videos across relevant web and social video outlets, but took it one

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