Music can spice up your brand (whatever your musical taste)

If you’re a food or drinks brand, then a recent piece of gastrophysics research carried out by the University of Oxford’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory may be music to your ears!

Professor Charles Spence, who led the research, says, “Soundscapes and music come together with taste to make the whole experience more stimulating, more enjoyable and possibly even more memorable. It is a kind of digital seasoning.”

The research has revealed that brands may be able to enhance consumers’ experience of their products simply by playing them the right tune. This could potentially have many implications in helping brands ensure their consumers experience a deeper enjoyment of their products. Here’s a couple of facts the research uncovered to whet the appetite…

Different musical genres can directly affect consumers’ experience of different cuisines in their homes.

Higher pitched music enhances sweetness and lower-pitched and brassy sounds ‘taste’ bitter. Consumers experience a greater

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