Two Lessons I Learned Immediately in SEO

If you know anything about SEO, you know how much Google affects pretty much everything. You know each update conveniently named after cute animals can bring huge change, and not necessarily good change. You know the basics of creating a website. You know the terminology, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, URLS etc. you know how to do all the keyword research to the best of your ability. You finally implement your strategy and you hope the website climbs up the search results, and it does…just not at the speed you thought. Of course, your hard work did not go to waste. The results are there. New ranks are being reached…but the goal is page one, rank one…and you’re not there…Well, at least that’s my experience. If anyone else is in the same boat, let me share two simple ways to speed up your climb to rank one.


1) Using Analytics

Traffic is good, but conversions are better.

A day with the PRCA – Writing effective press releases

On Thursday 11th February, The PRCA came to the Big Cat office to host a training session on writing effective press releases. Being a PR Assistant I hadn’t had as much experience as some of my colleagues when it came to writing releases, so I was eager to go on the course and learn some tricks of the trade.

The day was led by Lorraine Forrest-Turner, a copywriter and freelance communication skills trainer, who told everyone that the training would be a prime opportunity to really get to grips with the different styles and structures which would enable us to successfully sell our stories into the press in the future.

We began the day by discussing the media, taking a closer look into what news is and what it isn’t. After studying Journalism at University for 3 years, it was nice to have a bit of a refresher, and the information

Love is Making Magic

Solving problems and building brands are only a few of the many tricks up our sleeves. Through the trust of our friends at the Kane County of Tourism and the creative minds of our team at Love Communications, we were able to pinpoint a clear identity for Kanab and create a memorable and authentic campaign featuring Kanab and Southern Utah titled Kanab: Magically Unspoiled with the catchy tag line: “Abra Kanabra.”

See Utah Businesses full article here.

Truth Central on IPSOS’s Affluent Outlook Panel

IPSOS recently hosted their annual Affluent Outlook event at the Time Warner Media Labs in New York City. The IPSOS affluence research seeks to uncover the future marketing trends and opportunities in the U.S., with a particular focus on how these attitudes evolve over time. The current findings revealed divergent optimism among affluent American consumers: In 2016, the affluent are optimistic for themselves, but worry for the state of the nation as a whole.

This tension at the core of the affluent consumer outlook demonstrates a white space for brands to explore today and in the future. On the one hand, there is a great deal of global uncertainty in the context of terrorism, climate change and political indecision that leads to a lack of confidence and a sense of distrust in the minds of the Affluent population. On the other hand, this population feels a great deal of optimism from a personal perspective, opting to

Hacking the Chinese New Year: Chinese Youth Innovate Traditions to Connect with Family on Their Own Terms

A Truth Central Perspective by Laura Liang & Bonnie Zhang, McCann Shanghai

Here we go again! Wonderful, heart-warming, festive… if not a bit demanding: the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday! It is a tradition, a responsibility and maybe also a bit of a burden, especially to some Chinese youth.

After all the passion and craving for great food in a lively atmosphere (and maybe for traditional red envelopes containing cash gifts) has faded, youth nowadays find themselves somewhat ambivalent when it comes to the Chinese New Year celebration.

Most Chinese youth have a bitter-sweet relationship with their parents, in large part because Chinese parents are arguably the most anxious in the world: our Truth About Global Brands research revealed that 78% of people in China believe that everyone wants their children to be more successful than they are themselves. Youth are under tremendous pressure not only while growing up,

Having your curry and eating it: brands with purpose

I’m excited this week by discovering that I can eat delicious food at the Bombay café chain, Dishoom, and in return they feed a child in need through the NGO, Akshaya Patra Foundation. This is marvellous, it means that I can feed myself and my conscience – a combination that makes for very good digestion. This is not new, cause-related marketing (specifically the idea that part of what a customer pays, is gifted on to a charity), it is tried and tested. What is new, however, is the way in which an increasing number of consumers, are actively making choices based on whether a brand does this kind of thing.

It’s no longer niche for brands to have a purpose, and there are many ways in which they can share that purpose and invite others to join them. But whether it is donating money; expertise; product; innovating to

Sorel: Native and Integrated Partnerships


In recent years, SOREL has moved from being a winter boot brand to being a fashion boot brand.  To grow their share in this category, SOREL needed to win over the young, fashion-forward young female and in particular, the college set.

Between her busy schedule and multi-tasking across several screens and platforms, not to mention her high expectations of brands, we had quite the challenge.  And our budget was a one-tenth that of our competitors – yikes!

We strapped on our SORELs and went back to campus, researching who influences her, where she goes for styling inspiration, how she shops/engages with brands and what determines her styling needs (date night, on-campus, etc).  This research unsurprisingly showed online and social are the biggest influencers on her choices, but it also gave us the names she most turns to for inspiration, like Rachel Zoe.


Armed with this knowing we partnered

Columbia Weather Triggered Media


After analyzing the moments where consumers are most likely to purchase Columbia, we determined there was an opportunity to reach them where weather was happening. Our competitors had a pervasive presence across the biggest weather sites, we needed to find a way to focus on our dollars in weather environments where we weren’t competing with other brands and within the weather conditions most likely to prompt purchases.


We decided to buy not based on site, but based on weather conditions. Since that capability didn’t exist at the time, we created it. We hacked our in-house trading desk and built a custom algorithm, using the Weather Underground API, to increase the volume of impressions delivered programmatically during weather patterns aligned to key product benefits. We targeted cities where it was raining right now with a rain gear message and cities where it was snowing with a snow gear message.