Five Social Trends Marketers Won’t Be Able to Ignore in 2016


Marketers Must Adapt or Die As Social Continues to Evolve 

With the year coming to an end, headlines like “The War on Advertising” and “The Perfect Storm” are becoming more common as marketers are getting the year-end jitters, asking “What’s next?” and “Where is there space for my brand in 2016?” While the speed of social has always been dizzying — new platforms, behaviors, memes and audiences are born and die every minute – the year ahead promises to be especially frenetic.

When it comes to social and digital marketing, 2016 is going to be an adapt-or-die year, one in which marketers will need to evolve as tectonic shifts in the way people use social networks and consume media on them will force massive change.

The rise of ad blocking is forcing us to focus our efforts on social, but most major social platforms are blocking off their exits.

Standing out on the festive shelf…

Trading at Christmas time is tough. Brands and retailers are squabbling for shares of wallet and attention at a time when shoppers don’t want to be bombarded with messages. They are focused on buying gifts for awkward relatives or avoiding the hoards of other shoppers in the supermarket. So, how and where to communicate with shoppers poses a big challenge for brands and retailers to be successful at this crucial time in the calendar.

Creating standout is an age-old challenge for brands in retail, and applies to both physical and virtual stores. However, packaging is one area that brands can control, and creating engaging and exciting Christmas packaging can really help to differentiate from the competition.

Consumers want to feel like they are getting value for money at an expensive time of the year, but at the same time are prepared to trade up to more premium or special

We Upgraded Our Media Reporting Tools

Back in the 60’s, shows like The Carol Burnett Show captured the attention of 30 million TV viewers per episode. Viewership statistics of this magnitude are unheard of these days but back then, there were only three networks to watch. Several decades later, TV viewing and distribution channels are more fragmented than ever, making its measurement equally complex.

As stewards of our clients’ media investments, Love Communications is continually keeping an eye on the tools and vendor partnerships that make our media strategies smart and most effective. To that end, we are pleased to share that we are making a change in our media measurement vendor for the Utah television market. As of January 1, 2016, Love will switch from Nielsen to Rentrak.
Rentrak’s television ratings service is the only fully integrated system of detailed nationwide satellite, telco and cable television viewing information from more than 36 million televisions and

Just another Manic Monday!



Britons are predicted to splash out far more than their European counterparts on Christmas gifts this year, according to two separate reports.

UK shoppers are expected to spend an average of £499 on presents this year…

Broken down, this means that UK shoppers will spend around £36 per gift, compared to £26 elsewhere in Europe. UK shoppers will also snap up a total of 14 presents each – far higher than the average of 8 in the rest of Europe. The research also revealed that Britons are the most likely nation to ‘self-gift’.

This increased spending activity comes as billions of pounds were spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Consumers spent a record-breaking £3.3 billion online over the four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday…

…£968 million of which was spent on Cyber Monday alone!

That’s £672,000 a minute!!